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    A Critical Illness Policy is a cover specifically designed to give protection to a particular person against a life-threatening disease. Any critical illness is long-lasting and may require multiple visits to a hospital. What this means for the person is that there will be a lot of economic burden of not only the hospital costs but doctor visits and other medical expenses as well. A critical illness cover is designed in a way that it can pay a lump sum amount for all those expenses. Also, the good news is that this lump sum amount is in addition to any kind of health insurance that you may already have.

    Health emergencies can hit you at the most unexpected times and it is thus necessary to be prepared for this. The family not only struggles with the treatment of cost and mental strain but they are also dealing sometimes with the loss of family income. This can force the families to dig into their savings and spend all of these to get the best treatment. Having a critical illness policy can solve all these problems and can make the process a bit less harsh.​

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    We offer award-winning, low-rate car loans with no ongoing fees,saving our customers thousands of dollars.


    High life cover at affordable rates so that your loved ones are financially secure.


    In case of death due to an accident+, the nominee will be paid the Sum Assured amount.


    In case of permanent disability++ due to accident, your policy continues without you having to pay any premiums.


    If diagnosed with a Terminal Illness , we pay you the complete Sum Assured.

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    Who All Can Buy Critical Illness Insurance Cover?

    The minimum entry age to purchase this critical illness and disability insurance rider is 18 years.x

    While the maximum age of adding critical illness cover is 65 years, the maximum maturity age under Max Life Critical Illness and Disability Rider varies as per the critical illness coverage variant selected.

    Both male and female buyers can opt for the critical illness cover at the same premium rates while purchasing base life insurance plan.

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    The optional Critical Illness# cover with ICICI Pru iProtect Smart term insurance plan covers the following 34 illnesses: cancer of specified severity, angioplasty, heart attack, heart valve surgery, surgery to aorta, cardiomyopathy, primary pulmonary hypertension, CABG, blindness, chronic lung disease, chronic liver disease, kidney failure, major organ/ bone marrow transplant, apallic syndrome, benign brain tumour, brain surgery, coma, major head trauma, permanent paralysis of limbs, stroke resulting in permanent symptoms, Alzheimer’s disease, motor neurone disease with permanent symptoms, multiple sclerosis with persisting symptoms, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease, poliomyelitis, loss of independent existence, loss of limbs, deafness, loss of speech, medullary cystic disease, systemic lupus eryth with renal involvement, major burns, and aplastic anaemia.

    It takes care of all the treatment-related expenses, such as hospitalization, doctor’s visits, costs of medicines, etc. so that your savings are not drained in medical bills. The payout from Critical Illness cover also acts as an income replacement so your family can live in dignity while you are undergoing treatment. The payment is made on diagnosis itself, saving you the hassle of getting your bills reimbursed later on. Once the claim amount is paid, you are free to use it in any way you deem fit without any sort of conditions.

    There is no need to submit any bills. Nor are there any sort of conditions on the payout. It can be used in any way you deem fit – to pay for costs such as hospitalization bills, medical expenses, doctor’s fees, health-related expenditures, and more. The payout is deducted from your sum assured and your base plan continues throughout the policy term selected by you.

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