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    India is grappling with several health problems. It has turned into the diabetes capital of the world. Around one million new cancer patients register, every year and the rising rate of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) causes 61% of deaths in the country. No doubt, medical advancement bringing new hopes to the health care sector. But, at the same time, it is giving rise to medical inflation. Diagnosis, medication, treatment, and hospitalization costs are burning holes in the pockets and become unaffordable for the common mass. Either one has to sell the assets or lend money whenever there is a medical emergency. It results in financial distress for the entire family. So, to combat such a medical crisis, we offer mediclaim insurance that covers your risks and provides you with financial support whenever you need it.

    You cannot predict health uncertainties, but you can stay prepared. But, the best mediclaim policy in India helps you to stand strong during a medical emergency. A medical insurance plan covers your medical expenses up to the sum insured and helps to avail the best possible treatment for yourself or your loved ones. Under this policy, you can cover yourself, your spouse, children, and dependent parents and opt for either a cashless hospitalization facility or reimbursement to settle the claim. It is the best mediclaim policy for investment that offers you class healthcare services without worrying about money. So, your farsighted approach, pragmatic planning, and medical health insurance cover help you to stay in the pinkest of your health without financial stress.

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    Individual Mediclaim:

    An individual mediclaim plan covers only one individual for the specified sum insured. The policy benefits and the entire sum insured are available to the policyholder for the premium applicable.

    Family Floater Mediclaim Cover:

    In a family floater medical insurance policy, the coverage and benefits are available to all the insured family members, including spouse, children, and parents. The policy has a floater sum insured that either one individual or the entire family can utilize for any hospitalization or medical treatment.

    Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy

    It is a type of mediclaim designed to provide coverage and benefits, including hospitalization cover, for elderly individuals aged above 60 years.

    Critical Illness Mediclaim:

    Critical illnesses require long-term medical treatment that may lead to astronomically high medical bills. Critical illness mediclaim policies are designed to cover severe ailments, such as stroke, cancer, heart disease, etc. We offer coverage for 32 critical illnesses.

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    Key Features of Mediclaim Plan

    • Cover for in-patient hospitalization
    • Coverage for medical expenses during pre and post hospitalization
    • Claim settlement either by a cashless facility or by reimbursement up to the sum insured
    • Minimum 24 hours hospitalization is required to get the claim
    • It also has a list of specific exclusions
    • Lifelong renewability is easily available
    • No upper age limit for enrolment
    • In a family mediclaim, you can pay a lump sum premium instead of paying for individual policies.
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    How Important is Mediclaim Insurance for Your Family?

    • Increasing Lifestyle Diseases: The incidences of lifestyle and critical diseases are rising in India. A medical emergency can come as an uninvited guest. So, better to stay protected with the best mediclaim policy in India that covers your expenses during a medical emergency.
    • Cashless Hospitalization: You do not need to worry about cash for the treatment. Under the mediclaim plan, we will directly settle your hospital bills. Go for cashless hospitalization without worries.
    • Lifelong Coverage: You do not need to buy medical insurance again and again. Once you get it, you and your family enjoy lifelong coverage on break-free renewals.
    • Preventive Care:  Preventive health check-ups can cost you extra and burden your pocket. Opt for mediclaim policy in India that offers annual health check-ups for all the insured members.
    • EMI Option:  The great relief to your pocket. You can opt for the EMI option and pay a mediclaim premium monthly or quarterly that reduces your financial burden.
    • Quick Recovery Counseling:  At times, you need counseling to recover from health problems. You can get advice from a psychologist through face-to-face consultation up to the amount per session fixed.
    • No Claim Bonus: Now, get no claim bonus as a reward for your good health. It is a seamless feature that helps you to double your sum insured.

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